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What Architects Can Learn from the Latest Technologies in Vaping

In the realm of architecture, innovation often comes from unexpected sources. Surprisingly, the latest technologies in vaping offer architects valuable lessons that transcend the boundaries of their traditional domain. Exploring the intricate designs and functionality of vape hardware reveals parallels in form and function, inspiring new approaches to spatial design and material use.
But what exactly are these lessons that architects can learn from vaping? Let’s find out.
The Art of Vapor Production
Architects understand the importance …


Why Do You Need Flood Lights in Your Home Design

There is no doubt that illumination plays an essential role in daily life, particularly in our residences.
Because of this, the lighting sector’s ecosystem has evolved and is continually changing as technology advances. In fact, solar floodlights are one of several lighting available today that fulfill several purposes.
However, why are floodlights necessary for your home, and what benefits do they offer you as a homeowner?
The Applications of Flood Lights in Home Design
In general, floodlights are often used as a foundational element in outdoor lighting. As the name implies, floodlights flood a zone with …


Canadian Architecture Schools opens 2020 Online Summer Camp for Kids

Amidst the summer camp closure in many provinces because of the pandemic, Canadian Architecture schools opens onlIne summer camp for primary and secondary students who love design and architecture.
The Daniels Faculty has various offerings. It offers Digital Design Camp for high school students, focusing Sketch Up, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign. There is Exploring Cares in design – a program for graduating high school students and undergraduates who aspires to be an architect. It also offers Minecraft camp for 8-to-14-year-olds, which would help children improve visual thinking, environmental and urban…

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Going for Zero: OAA Headquarters opens in May

The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) reopens for the public in May after its headquarters complete renovation. The project emphasises the importance of the adaptation of existing buildings rather than replacement to address climate stability.
In 2015, the Association had a dilemma whether to renovate or replace the headquarters with a new one. The OAA council, however, realized how the financial and environmental impact it would cause to move the landmark building into a new address. Furthermore, they realized that the renovation is an opportunity to demonstrate how architects could be influencers in reducing environmental …


University of Calgary Constructs New Building for Haskayne School of Business

On May 1, 2020, the University of Calgary broke ground worth $90 million, a 2-year construction project, for the improvement of the Haskayne School of Business.
The project includes a 4-storey-building known as Mathison Hall, and the expansion of the Scurfield Hall. Once completed by September 2020, Business students will enjoy new classrooms, group work spaces, food services, study advising, and many events.
Since 2014, the projects have been the priority of the school to address the proliferation of students. When Scurfield Hall opened, there were only approximately 1000 business students. By 2022, the school assumes 4,000 …