Three Ways CBD Can Help Architects in Their Daily Routine

CBD or cannabidiol oil offers many health benefits, which can help architects in every stage of their careers. If you’re an architect, and you think you lack sleep and patience and experience more pain, it can be worth adding cannabidiol into your daily routine.
Let’s look at how a small cbd tincture can help you in your profession.
Promotes Better Sleep
As an architect, you might find yourself meeting deadlines or spending a long time dealing with clients. This can result in poor sleep quality.
There’s a lot of pressure when …

Deal With Terrible Tenants

How to Deal With Terrible Tenants

Landlords usually have plenty of a hard time, especially when dealing with terrible tenants. You could look here that some of them typically fail to pay their rent on time while others damage items in their property of residence.
When trouble arises, landlords need to make swift decisions, and at times, it may not be easy. If you are a landlord, then below are some of the ways you can deal with troublesome tenants:

Be rational, calm, and objective

When tenants become troublesome, many landlords lose…


Sidewalk Labs Walks Out of Toronto Smart City Project

After two years of hard work put on planning, various public consultations, millions of dollars of expenditures, Alphabet Inc. Revealed that it is pulling out from the Smart City Project in Toronto.
Chief Executive Dan Doctoroff of Sidewalk Labs announced on Medium that the uncertainty brought by COVID-19 pandemic influenced such a move.
Doctoroff did not mention whether the company would retain its 30 Toronto-based employees amidst the pandemic, or be relocated to another city….


Canadian Architecture Schools opens 2020 Online Summer Camp for Kids

Amidst the summer camp closure in many provinces because of the pandemic, Canadian Architecture schools opens onlIne summer camp for primary and secondary students who love design and architecture.
The Daniels Faculty has various offerings. It offers Digital Design Camp for high school students, focusing Sketch Up, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign. There is Exploring Cares in design – a program for graduating high school students and undergraduates who aspires to be an architect. It also offers Minecraft camp for 8-to-14-year-olds, which would help children improve visual thinking, environmental and urban…


Architecture and Design Film Festival to host on Sunday

The Architecture and Design Film Festival (ADFF) will stream online, on Sunday, May 17 through Wednesday May 20, at 8:00 and 11:00 pm. The program is the second edition of Marco Orsini’s documentary, Gray Matters.
The film will showcase Orsini’s journey in architecture, design, and art in general. It portrays her challenges, inspiration, and tragedies that have helped her become the person she is right now. After watching the film you will realize that Gray matters, in all aspects of our lives.
Aside from Gray Matter, ADFF will also stream Space Land Time: Underground Adventures with Ant Farm, The Man and the Architect…

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Going for Zero: OAA Headquarters opens in May

The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) reopens for the public in May after its headquarters complete renovation. The project emphasises the importance of the adaptation of existing buildings rather than replacement to address climate stability.
In 2015, the Association had a dilemma whether to renovate or replace the headquarters with a new one. The OAA council, however, realized how the financial and environmental impact it would cause to move the landmark building into a new address. Furthermore, they realized that the renovation is an opportunity to demonstrate how architects could be influencers in reducing environmental …

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SmartCentre announces Joint Venture with Motchel Goldhar for the Construction of Relocated Walmart and Land Residential Uses

SmartCenter, one of Canada’s biggest real estate companies signed into a joint venture agreement with Mitchel Goldhar of Penguin Group of Companies for the relocation of Walmart leases to give way for strategic plans on VMC lands, jointly owned by both companies.
The JV site’s 10 Acres will be used for the construction of the new Walmart store, a relocation of the old one. The termination of the Old Walmart will provide realization of the long-term plan of SmartVMC. Once the Old Walmart is relocated, the land will be used to develop residential condominiums, rental towers, and the remaining lands will pave the way for the …


University of Calgary Constructs New Building for Haskayne School of Business

On May 1, 2020, the University of Calgary broke ground worth $90 million, a 2-year construction project, for the improvement of the Haskayne School of Business.
The project includes a 4-storey-building known as Mathison Hall, and the expansion of the Scurfield Hall. Once completed by September 2020, Business students will enjoy new classrooms, group work spaces, food services, study advising, and many events.
Since 2014, the projects have been the priority of the school to address the proliferation of students. When Scurfield Hall opened, there were only approximately 1000 business students. By 2022, the school assumes 4,000 …