About us

Architectes Urgence Journal is an online magazine for architectural design publishing latest issues, new, and updates in all aspects of art, design, and architecture.

The platform offers artists, architecture students, young professionas information relevant to the industry and profession. It is slightly academic because it focuses on architectural discourse, critical thinking about buildings and designs, tips and tricks, bulding resources, and industry news.

Architected Urgence Journal is all about what it feels like to be an architect. It believes that architecture brings people closer together. Hence, it aims for architects and designers all over the world to be openminded and interconnected to produce new ideas to the profession. It is more of a forum for artists of the same passion from around the world to gather.

Showcasing the most notable projects, design, and practices around the world, this can be your go to place for insights and inspiration. Our selection of designs are diverse and highly curated thus very reliable for all creative minds who want to improve their skills.