Nowadays, we are compelled to stay home because of the threat of the virus. There are many things we could utilize our time while on quarantine and one of these is to make changes to our home. If you want to remodel your home, ceramic tiles would be the ideal material for the post-pandemic home. Why? It is a healthy material – low porosity, dirt and moisture resistant, and prevents germ build-up.

However, before you finally decide to renovate your house with ceramic materials, here are some important aspects you should keep in mind:

Visualize the color

Ceramic tiles are quite pricey. Before you decide on the color combination of the ceramic tiles you would have at home, visualize how it would look like with the interior decoration you have in mind. You don’t want to regret buying the wrong tiles for your home, thus you need to experiment with the appropriate shade for your space.

Make use of the reliefs

Ceramic tiles have reliefs, it gives a sensational vibe to your house. The visual effects of the reliefs allows movement. These are also best when paired with neutral or plain colors because it gives the aesthetic and unique designs.

Play with different formats

It is fun to design the interior on your own. You can make use of your time at home experimenting with various tile formats that would complement your design. You can try hexagonal, fish tales, rhombus, trapeze and many more formats for your house renovation.


The pandemic restricted our movement and made us stay in our homes for our safety. Some may have run out ideas of what to do at home. Instead of getting idle and contemplating when this will be over, now is probably the best time to beautify your house with the family.