The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) reopens for the public in May after its headquarters complete renovation. The project emphasises the importance of the adaptation of existing buildings rather than replacement to address climate stability.

In 2015, the Association had a dilemma whether to renovate or replace the headquarters with a new one. The OAA council, however, realized how the financial and environmental impact it would cause to move the landmark building into a new address. Furthermore, they realized that the renovation is an opportunity to demonstrate how architects could be influencers in reducing environmental problems.

The OAA is known for its advocacy toward a healthy environment. When the OAA headquartes was build it utilizes environmental high bar of that time. The project focuse long term use, thus, it propose solar panels to act as louvres. 3 decades later, such proposal comes to existence. Nowadays, the project reminds the environmental responsibilty done by architectural professon for the people.