Because of the corona virus threat, a new design in every workplace highlights the importance of health and hygiene. Studies show that most bacteria are found in washwooms, thus, health considerations on these areas need to be focused on. For this reason, Bradley Corporation, a major manufacturer of fixtures produces a washbar – in response to the world’s war against the Coronavirus.

The Washbar provides a toucless experience. It is an “all-in-one” sink that houses the water, soap, and a dryer. To minimize the spread of bacteria through movements and touch, this product promises a modern washroom free of clutter.

Addititional features of the Washbar include a Washbar duo and undermount basin. The Washbar allows you to wash hands by just placing your hands below the wash bar. It is basically a touch-free sink with soap and water in one fixture. The undermount basin, on the other hand, allows you to match it with Evero natural cast and Terrion solid surface undermount basin of your choice.

Some of the healthful benefits of this product are:

  • 96% cheaper than paper towels
  • 10-15 seconds drying time
  • No sink to clean, free of clutter
  • Less LED soap indicator
  • Won’t be contaminated
  • Gallons of soap capacity

Captures water and soap activation for better maintenance planning