Architectes Urgence Journal is a fan of prefab construction. Interestingly, some of the long-term impact of this kind of construction will densify urban cities. Having mass timber into the mixture has the potential to decrease the carbon footprint of the constructed buildings.

In Vancouver, Intelligent City will develop a 4-storey mass timber building.The construction will utilize robotic and automated manufacturing process. In Toronto, on the other hand, has a company named R-Hauz which will construct siz-storey townhouse made from mass timber. The two companies are known for prefab construction especifially for modular homes.

For Intelligent City’s projects, Founders Lang and Wilson, see the potential of mass timber 15 years ago when the material was newly introduced in the market. They anticipated that mass timber would be ideal for high-quality urban housing. They commend the consistency and precision of the material as a result of their robotic and automated machinery.

Meanwhile, R-Hauz townhouses according to Leith Moore, a founding partner, make use of “repeatable products” instead of one-offs. The company’s team came up with strategies that would be adaptable to a number of locations and designs a strategic and structural core allowing various unit configuration.