Year: 2020


Bradley’s Touchless Washbar for Better Hygiene

Because of the corona virus threat, a new design in every workplace highlights the importance of health and hygiene. Studies show that most bacteria are found in washwooms, thus, health considerations on these areas need to be focused on. For this reason, Bradley Corporation, a major manufacturer of fixtures produces a washbar – in response to the world’s war against the Coronavirus.
The Washbar provides a toucless experience. It is an “all-in-one” sink that houses the water, soap, and a dryer. To minimize the spread of bacteria through movements and touch, this product promises a modern washroom free of clutter.


Post-Pandeminc Home

Like other homes, ours have also gone through many roles during the past month of the COVID-19 pandemic. It became a school, an office, religious sanctuary, home gym, and many more. For some, thoug, its performance is not commendable, thanks to noisy children, poor internet connection, and uncomfortable seating, and the like.
After spending so much time indoors, you may have thought of upgrading your home to make it more comfortable in the midst of a pandemic. Here’s the ideal post-pandemic home should be like:
More walls
The pre-pandemic trend was an open floor plan of the kitchen, living room, and dining area. …


Sidewalk Labs Walks Out of Toronto Smart City Project

After two years of hard work put on planning, various public consultations, millions of dollars of expenditures, Alphabet Inc. Revealed that it is pulling out from the Smart City Project in Toronto.
Chief Executive Dan Doctoroff of Sidewalk Labs announced on Medium that the uncertainty brought by COVID-19 pandemic influenced such a move.
Doctoroff did not mention whether the company would retain its 30 Toronto-based employees amidst the pandemic, or be relocated to another city….


Cevisama Ceramic Trends 2020

Once again the Cevisame Ceramic Fair in Spain was held this year. The event showcases the emerging ceramic industry, making this material the most stylish and original designs. It highlighted 800 exhibitors from various countries to promote their latest ceramic innovations from natural stone, ceramic colors, coatings, tiles, bricks, and the like.
One of the most beautiful ceramic trends in the fair was the small pieces with clear and simple objectives. The use of these pieces for both floor and wall at home make it aesthetically pleasing. For those who want to achieve this trend, there’s a 15×15 Pop Tile collection, which …


Moving Forward in the time of Pandemic

There’s no doubt that your inbox and newsfeed are bombarded with warnings, updates, and fears about the Coronavirus threat. Everyone is under difficult situations of staying informed, panicky, or slightly anxious. These feelings are understandable though, it’s hard to stay optimistic with the uncertainty the virus has brought us.
For now, if there’s one thing that would help everyone, it is to trust the government. The way how the government shifts and responds in urban operation is quite commendable so far.
Take the example of having to shift to drop off and pick up. Such changes prove to be beneficial in the long term…


New Normal in Architecture

The Coronavirus outbreak has changed the way we live our lives and it will most likely be the same the next few years while vaccine is not yet produced. All of us need to adapt the new normal inluding the practice of architecture and design. What do you think would be arhictecture would look like after this crisis?
Hygiene through Architecture
The world’s stay-at-home strategy though supported by digital technology and government officials who delievers food at home, possesses risk to everyone. Our skeptical relationship with public bathroom makes it hard for food deliever to do the recommended disinfecting through …


Canadian Architecture Schools opens 2020 Online Summer Camp for Kids

Amidst the summer camp closure in many provinces because of the pandemic, Canadian Architecture schools opens onlIne summer camp for primary and secondary students who love design and architecture.
The Daniels Faculty has various offerings. It offers Digital Design Camp for high school students, focusing Sketch Up, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign. There is Exploring Cares in design – a program for graduating high school students and undergraduates who aspires to be an architect. It also offers Minecraft camp for 8-to-14-year-olds, which would help children improve visual thinking, environmental and urban…


Chevalier Morales: Drummonville Public Library, Quebec

In 2019, the Chevalier Morales, architectural firm, finished its construction of the Drummonville Public Library after the design won in an architectual competition the same year. The architecture project aims to become a catalyst to prevent the landmark from being isolated as a result of being cut off from Lindsay Street, one of Quebec’s famous pedestrian and commercial avenues.
The overall layout of the library is very unique and untraditional as it was designed to be open for all as if people are in a train station or shopping centre. The architects included a multipurpose area and a cafe that could be used as a waiting area …


Architecture and Design Film Festival to host on Sunday

The Architecture and Design Film Festival (ADFF) will stream online, on Sunday, May 17 through Wednesday May 20, at 8:00 and 11:00 pm. The program is the second edition of Marco Orsini’s documentary, Gray Matters.
The film will showcase Orsini’s journey in architecture, design, and art in general. It portrays her challenges, inspiration, and tragedies that have helped her become the person she is right now. After watching the film you will realize that Gray matters, in all aspects of our lives.
Aside from Gray Matter, ADFF will also stream Space Land Time: Underground Adventures with Ant Farm, The Man and the Architect…


Stay Home and Beautify your House

Nowadays, we are compelled to stay home because of the threat of the virus. There are many things we could utilize our time while on quarantine and one of these is to make changes to our home. If you want to remodel your home, ceramic tiles would be the ideal material for the post-pandemic home. Why? It is a healthy material – low porosity, dirt and moisture resistant, and prevents germ build-up.
However, before you finally decide to renovate your house with ceramic materials, here are some important aspects you should keep in mind:
Visualize the color
Ceramic tiles are quite pricey. Before you decide on the …