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  Photo taken at Nahr El Bared - Lebanon, 2007  
  Photo of a reference building in Guereda - Chad
  Photo of a school in Sigli - Indonesia  
  Photo of houses in Galagarza - Peru
  Photo of a school in Ngari - Salomon Islands
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  Devastation in Haïti - Architects Called Upon for Mobilization and Solidarity

Montreal, January 14, 2010 - Haiti has been struck once again by disaster, as an earthquake of magnitude 7 struck around 5pm on January 12th causing many buildings in the nation’s capital to collapse, including the presidential palace and the UN mission headquarters. Hotel Montana, one of the most reputable tourist destinations in the country, was also destroyed, along with many homes, public buildings and hospitals. Cooperation and Emergency Architects is sending a team of professionals comprised of experts from France, the West Indies and Canada to evaluate the damages for the safety of the people and provide aid for the victims.

  French president and co-founder of Cooperation and Emergency Architects will be in Quebec for the first day of training for humanitarian architecture.

Montreal, February 27, 2009 - Mr. Patrick Coulombel [Amiens, France] and Mr. Bernard McNamara [Quebec, Canada], French and Canadian presidents and co-founders of Cooperation and Emergency Architects respectively, will meet from March 9-12 with local professionals and students for the first day of training in Quebec on humanitarian architecture [developing a framework for intervention]. This day of training, to be held on March 11 in Montreal at the Gouverneur Hotel Place Dupuis, includes an important meeting with environmentalist, oceanographer and journalist, Jean Lemire [Antarctic Mission], who will discuss his views on climatic changes and their impact. To register for this lunch-conference [ticket price: $100 plus tax], to become a member or to make a donation to Cooperation and Emergency Architects, please visit


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   Press Review
  January 21, 2010
Gardez-vous des sous pour la reconstruction !

Craignant que les dons du public ne tarissent avec le temps, les Architectes de l'urgence invitent la population à mettre un peu d'argent de côté pour financer la reconstruction d'Haïti, qui s'échelonnera sur une bonne dizaine d'années. François Cardinal, La Presse et

  January 20, 2010
Architectes de l’urgence Canada contribuera à reconstruire Haïti.
Monique Reeves, Scoop

  January 20, 2010
Haiti dévasté – les architectes appelés à la mobilisation.  fil de presse spécialisé en architecture, design art
  January 2010, 9.30AM
Diane Simard, vice-présidente d’Architectes de l’urgence Canada est interviewée par Naveen Murthy, directeur de l'information, à l’émission « le brunch » diffusée sur les ondes radiophoniques CHYZ 94,3 FM (radio de l'Université Laval, Québec).


January 16, 2010, between 12.15AM and 2.15PM
Entrevue avec Gilles Bernier, ancien ambassadeur canadien en Haïti de 1997 à 2001 et Jean-Paul Boudreau, d’Architectes de l'urgence du Canada. Michel Lacombe, Ouvert le samedi, Les meilleurs moments, 1ère partie, Radio de Radio-Canada.

  January 15, 2010
Reconstruire dans le chaos: Architectes de l'urgence envoie une équipe.
Valérie Gaudreau, Le Soleil, page 12,
  January 14. 2010, 9PM
Entrevue avec Bernard McNamara, président d’Architectes de l’urgence Canada, Anne-Marie Dussault, 24 heures en 60 minutes, RDI
  January 14, 2010, 6PM
Entrevue de Patrice Roy avec Bernard McNamara, président d’Architectes de l’urgence Canada

  January 14, 2010, 6PM
Entrevue téléphonique avec Jean-Paul Boudreau et Claude Robert, téléjournal, RDI
  January 14, 2010, 9AM
L’architecte Jean-Paul Boudreau d’Architectes de l’urgence Canada se rend à Haïti pour évaluer la situation en vue de préparer la mission de reconstruction.
Entrevue radiophonique avec René Homier-Roy, C’est bien meilleur le matin, Radio-Canada

  January 14, 2010
Il va falloir reloger deux millions de personnes.
Fabien Deglise, Le Devoir, page A-10.

  November 2009
Consultation sur le plan nord, Radio-Canada radio
  October 2009
Architectes de l'urgence work to improve health in Kitcisakik, CKUT
  October 2009
For first project, aid group looks to Quebec's North, The Gazette
  October 2009
Architectes de l'urgence,
  October 2009
Quebec AM - Audio file
  October 2009
Interview with Bernard McNamara, Radio-Canada
  September 11th, 2009
Interview with Guillaume Lévesque and Marianne Potvin in "Le Monde selon Mathieu" - Audio File

  July 9th, 2009
Architectes de l’urgence Canada – Architecture humanitaire
Journal Voir, Press article, french only
  July 9th, 2009
Les architectes de l’urgence 

DUGAL, Mathieu
[é]clectiks, canal Vox video, french only
  June 20th to 26th, 2009
Architectes humanitaires et sans frontières
HÉBERT, Claudine
,Les affaires Cahier A, p. A8, Press article, french only

Une première mission en Abitibi
HÉBERT, Claudine
Press article, french only
  Spring 2009
Kitcisakik, le village invisible
LÉVESQUE, Guillaume, et MCNAMARA, Bernard
Urbanité - Reconstruire les villes p. 11-13, Press article, french only
  May 17th, 2009
Un Québécois qui aide à reconstruire Aceh
Radio-Canada, le carnet de voyage de Patrick Grandjean, video, french only
  August 2008
Architectes de l'urgence, une organisation humanitaire internationale

ARQ  Architecture-Québec, number 144, p. 14-15, Press article, french

Architectes de l'urgence au Tchad

POTVIN, Marianne
ARQ  Architecture-Québec, number 144,, p. 30-31, Press article, french
  June - August 2008
Les architectes de l'urgence à Kitcisakik
Esquisse, volume 19, number 2, p. 6, Press article, french only

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   Past News
  Cooperation and Emergency Architects is proud to be officially recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a as charity organization.

This enables it to issue official donation receipts for gifts it receives.  
  Cooperation and Emergency Architects of Canada is proud to present their professional allies!

Together, we can make a difference in the great climatic, political and economic changes which we live on our planet. We want to act in two different ways. Preventing when it is still possible, by putting together sustainable building techniques that respect the environment and its people and by acting in a concrete ways to repair and reconstruct essential buildings affected by human or environmental crises.
Thanks to our new partners for their conviction and engagement.

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As the Israeli bombings on the Gaza Strip seemed to be diminishing, Cooperation and Emergency Architects Foundation decided to intervene on behalf of the victimized populations of Operation Cast Lead. To date, more than 1300 people have died and more than 5500 people have been injured. The destruction has been devastation, leaving many families homeless.

Having gained experience in 2007 with Lebanese refugee camps in Nahr al-Bared, Cooperation and Emergency Architects met in the field with two professional architecture associations, Palestinian and Israeli, to develop a plan of action to provide assistance to the victims.

Expert architects and engineers have just left for Israel to begin a mission to evaluate the extent of the devastation and to help restore the safety of the people as soon as the passage towards Gaza is open to humanitarians.

The objective of this collaboration is to propose immediate assistance to provide safe and secure living conditions for the conflict victims.

A call for donations to raise 500 000 Euros was launched with a proposition focused on securing damaged buildings and providing aid to residents to rehabilitate their homes, to kick-start a reconstruction program.


Cooperation and Emergency Architects Foundation has been present in the Eastern region of Chad since 2007, in particular in Guereda, where 6 classrooms are currently being constructed in the refugee camps of Konoungo.

New programs for 2009 are in the process of being confirmed and the Region of Île de France has decided to support the efforts of the foundation by financing the development of educational infrastructure in Chad. This will allow teams in place to continue to act on behalf of the refugees living in camps in Eastern Chad, with a focus on the education of the youth. The notion of a mobile school is currently being studied.

Current partners in Chad : HCR, IRC, Region of Île de France, Somfy, UNICEF .


Cooperation and Emergency Architects Foundation has been present in Indonesia since December 2004 when the coast was ravaged by a tsunami.

The foundation has been working for four years north of the island of Sumatra in Sigli. In 2008, it continued its efforts with a new program on the small island of Weh, where aid is still very much needed despite the numerous funds allocated to reconstruction efforts in Indonesia.

2 new pre-schools have just been inaugurated.
22 houses are under construction.

Current partners in Indonesia: Patrick Bourrat Association « so that school can continue », the Australian Red Cross, Abbé Pierre Foundation, Rainbow Bridge Foundation, Secours Catholique français.


Following the earthquake that hit the Ica region in July 2007, Cooperation and Emergency Architects put in place a program to provide assistance to the victims.

30 homes have been built, following local tradition and construction methods. Today, Cooperation and Emergency Architects has launched the reconstruction of 3 schools, to be financed by funds from the French embassy, which will allow more than 400 children to attend school regularly. A new phase of 50 homes is being planned with the support of the Abbé Pierre Foundation and the International Federation of the Red Cross.

Finally, a study for a construction project for a home to welcome children who are at-risk on weekdays is being developed in partnership with a congregation of nuns as part of the social aspect of the children.

Current Partners in Peru: Region of Île de France, Abbé Pierre Foundation, International Federation of the Red Cross.


Salomon Islands
The school in Ngari, a village located on the Solomon Islands, was inaugurated in December 2008. This is the first school built since the tsunami that devastated the islands on May 1, 2007.

A team of Cooperation and Emergency Architects was immediately formed and met in the field to implement an evaluation mission. Following the catastrophe, Cooperation and Emergency Architects, supported by Cooperation and Emergency Architects of Australia, developed two specific plans: an education plan and a brochure illustrating elementary construction techniques with simple, easy to follow images.

143 schools still need to be refurbished or rebuilt.

This school was built thanks to the support of the “Agence Française de Développement”.

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  Exhibition in Beijing in 2009 at the National Museum of Chinese Art, Crossing Now: Dialogues for Emergency Architecture

The National Museum of Chinese Art – located in Beijing – has organized an exhibition on emergency architecture. It will open its doors exactly one year after the devastating earth quakes that shook the region of Sichuan May 12, 2008, killing 69 000 people and leaving thousands of families homeless.

Cooperation and Emergency Architects Foundation had the pleasure to be retained, alongside great architects from around the world, such as Caleath (USA) and Sou Fujimoto ( Japan), for their emergency plan developed in Pakistan, following the October 8, 2005 earthquake.

Other innovative solutions for emergency shelter will also be presented during this exhibition.

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   Past Events
  December 2009
Training in conjunction with the OAQ
  December 12th, 2009
Charity-dinner at "club le 357c"
  October 2009
Cooperation and Emergency Architects Fundraiser
  September 2009
Training in conjunction with the OAQ
  June 18, 2009

Unveiling of the nominees for Awards of Excellence in Architecture
Bernard McNamara, nominated for the “ACTION 2009” award for his humanitarian and volunteer involvement in the establishment of Cooperation and Emergency Architects of Canada!
Awards of Excellence in Architecture 2009
  June 17-20, 2009
Festival of architecture and forum with the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada (RAIC)
Conferences, trade fair, etc.
2 training sessions in humanitarian architecture, at 1:30pm in English and 3:00pm in French.
  April 30th to May 2nd , 2009
The AIA Convention 2009, in San Francisco
Bernard McNamara and Patrick Coulombel invited as guest speaker:
"Urban Planning, Reconstruction, and Assessment: How Architects Can Work in Post-Disaster Situations?"  
AIA Convention 2009

  March 11, 2009

Antarctic Mission, a reflection on climate change. Jean Lemire addresses Quebec Architects.
Jean Lemire Lunch Conference
12 :00-13 :30
Gouverneur Hotel, Place Dupuis
  March 11, 2009
Emergency Cocktail, pub Sainte-Élizabeth, sponsored by Procad Consultants
  March 11, 2009
Humanitarian Architecture, developing a framework for intervention
7 directed learning hours, with President and co-founder of the Cooperation and Emergency Architects Foundation, Patrick Coulombel

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